Beverage Services

  • The VENUE partners with two beverage caterers for all beverage/bar service, allowing you to choose one. The approved beverage caterer will provide all necessary labor, rentals, and beverages. The client will arrange all needs with the beverage caterer directly.
  • VENUE 221 reserves the right to refuse or stop alcoholic beverage service to any individual or group at any time. The facility is required to enforce liquor laws as regulated by the state of Colorado.
  • VENUE 221 reserves the right to refuse or stop alcoholic beverage service to any individual or group at any time. The facility is required to enforce liquor laws as regulated by the state of Colorado.
  • Any event serving alcoholic beverages must also provide adequate food service. The VENUE reserves the right to prohibit events providing only alcoholic beverage service.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be served to anyone under the age of 21.
  • VENUE 221 and catering partners reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone.
  • VENUE 221 has a strict “no shots” policy.
  • No Alcohol is allowed to be taken off of the premises.
  • Beverage Caterer Contacts:

    Oak & Olive

    • Tori Wolff
    • P: 720.266.4346
    • E: Tori@DrinkOakAndOlive.com
    • W: DrinkOakAndOlive.com

    PEAK Beverage

    • Kelly Braunstein
    • P: 720.722.1140
    • E: Kelly@PEAKBev.com
    • W: PEAKBev.com


  • Catering Services may be provided by one of the approved, full-service caterers. Food and beverage minimums may apply.
  • All caterers must haul away all trash from the event.
  • The select caterer will be responsible for setting the tables and chairs provided by the VENUE/client/rental company and restacking at the conclusion of the event.
  • Any event serving alcoholic beverages must also provide adequate food service.
  • Caterer is responsible for cleaning full service area and complying with the VENUE 221 Catering Agreement.

Damage and Liability

VENUE 221 and its agents and partners assume no responsibility for damages or loss of any merchandise or materials brought on the property at any time. The client is liable for all damages, expenses and losses including theft and property loss, caused by any person attending, or providing services connected with the client’s use of the facility. Costs will be assessed and charged to the client and /or deducted from the Security Deposit. Replacement value may be used by the VENUE to determine the damage. Any loss or damage to the facilities caused by guests and/or staff hired by the client may result in additional damage fees.

Deliveries & Pick ups

Deliveries to VENUE 221 relating to the scheduled event must be delivered and picked up within the contracted event hours.  All vendors must load and unload in the designated area.


On or before 30 days prior to your event, VENUE 221 requires you to provide a certificate of insurance for your event. The certificate must name VENUE 221, LLC. as an additional insured and is required to have at minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability and $2,000,000 general aggregate. The licensee insurance will cover all vendors’ liability, please select professional service companies that can meet this requirement. If a certificate of insurance isn’t received 30 days prior to your event, VENUE will secure one for you and you will be given a copy of the policy and billed $275.00 on your final invoice.

Licenses and Permits

VENUE 221 strictly adheres to the NFPA and the local Denver Fire Department fire codes and regulations. Required permits must be obtained from the Denver Fire Department and Denver Building Department.

Load In | Out

  • Event load in/out should take place during the time specified in the Event License Agreement and be completed no later than the agreed upon time. Additional charges will be applied if the events load in/out takes place outside of the specified time. Specific areas will be designated for deliveries, unloading/loading, parking and event set up.
  • Vendors of the event must arrange delivery time in advance of the event set up or they may be delayed due other scheduled activity.

Noise Limits

  • VENUE 221 must approve all entertainment vendors 30 days prior to the event. The company providing entertainment must meet or coordinate with VENUE 221 management at least 30 days prior to the event to review any special accommodations.
  • Amplified music must be kept at a reasonable level. Volume control will be at the discretion of VENUE 221 management. All outdoor activity must conclude by 10:00pm. At this time all event activity must move inside with doors shut due to city and county noise ordinances.
  • VENUE 221 reserves the right to inspect and control all private events, including the right to monitor and control noise levels.
  • If the client or client’s vendors violate the noise limits and requests by the VENUE, the results will be early closure of bar services and/or immediate end of the event.


VENUE 221 parking is available on the surrounding streets and parking garages. Valet parking may be arranged for the event by the client. If valet is confirmed, the valet company will need to provide all applicable signage.


For promotional purposes, VENUE 221 reserves the right to take a limited number of royalty-free photographs of the user’s activities in the VENUE. Such photographs shall be the VENUE’s sole and exclusive property for the full copyright term, and the VENUE shall have the right to copy, exhibit, display, and otherwise exploit such photographs by any means and media throughout the world; provided, however, that the VENUE shall have the sole responsibility for obtaining any third party clearances, release and consent necessary for the VENUE’s use of such photographs.

Rental Items

  • VENUE 221 has for use and included in the facility rental rate the use of existing décor, lounge furniture, 5’ round tables and banquet chairs. Should these items need to be removed for an event, a notice of request must be submitted 30-days prior to the event.
  • VENUE 221 has partnered with Event Rents for all of your rental needs. These rentals can be arranged by the client or catering company directly.
    • Event Rents
    • Scott Bradshaw
    • P:  303.972.0975
    • W: www.eventrents.net


  • VENUE 221 facility and grounds shall not be used for any unlawful purpose. The VENUE reserves the right to refuse use of the facility and grounds to any organization or individual in the event that a program or its content does not comply with the VENUE’s policies and guidelines. Plans for facility use must be discussed and/or submitted by the user to the VENUE prior to contracting.
  • The user must agree that it will not practice, advocate or permit discrimination or segregation based upon race, creed, color, sex, age, disability or national origin.

Safety & Security

  • For the safety of the client, all guests and guests of the client are permitted to have access to the contracted use space. Any non-contracted spaces are off-limits at all times.
  • VENUE 221 reserves the right to require the client, at client’s expense, to hire additional security personnel for the event should the VENUE determine it would helpful to ensure safety and traffic control.
  • Any loss or damage to the facility caused by guests, associates and/or staff may result in a damage assessment fee.
  • Children must be supervised at all times and staffing may be required in designated areas.
  • The VENUE exercises the right to inspect and control all guests, vendors and associates, including but not limited to monitoring noise levels.
  • VENUE 221 prohibits the use of any illegal activity or actions deems inappropriate.
  • The VENUE will not be responsible for personal property, displays, exhibits, equipment or other items lost, stolen, or damaged in or around the VENUE.

Set-up | Cleanup

  • All personnel/vendors connected with the event may not be on the premises prior to or after scheduled set up / clean up times, unless previously arranged with VENUE 221. The client may be charged an hourly rate for additional time needed.
  • Cleanup is the responsibility of the client. Items not removed immediately following the event, will be disposed of with no liability to VENUE 221 and could result in charges against client’s damage deposit. The VENUE is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • After an event, users must leave the building and grounds clean, and clear of debris and trash and in at least as good condition as it was found at the commencement of the event. Trash must be bagged and removed by the caterer.
  • All rental equipment and materials must be removed from the rental area. Rented items must be properly placed in the designated area and ready for pick up. Charges for cleanup and removal may be assessed or deducted from the security deposit if premise is not left clean and clear. See also “Load In | Out”.


  • VENUE 221 is a non-smoking facility.
  • Smoking of cigarettes and cigars may be permitted only in designated outdoor areas and is dependent upon current fire hazard conditions. If permitted, this may be subject to change and will be at the discretion of VENUE ownership based on current or forecasted weather conditions.
  • Smoking of any drugs, including marijuana, is not permitted on the premise.

Specialty Staff (Optional)

A minimum of one event staff is required for all events and is included in the VENUE rental fee.   Additional personnel may be required based on the event activity and/or layout of the event. VENUE 221 can provide specialty staffing services to assist in the success of your event.


All events must conclude by 11:00pm, with all guests off premise at the contracted time. Vendors need to begin tear down no later than 11:00pm. All equipment for the event must be removed immediately following the event, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Vendor Management

  • VENUE 221 must approve all vendors and must receive a list of all participating vendors with appropriate contact information (phone number, email, name of party, etc.) by the 30-day walkthrough. The client is responsible for all vendor activity during the site tours, walkthroughs, setup, event and removal.
  • All deliveries must be arranged prior to the event day and the delivery time approved if it falls outside of the contracted rental time.
  • All vendors and supplies must be picked up at the conclusion of the event, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • All vendors must load in via designated access points.
  • Vendors must begin tear down no later than the set times and be complete by the designated time. If additional time is needed it may be added for a fee. The rate of $400/ hour, not prorated, will apply for additional load in, setup or tear down time.  The VENUE may work with the vendor to make arrangements for strike the following day.

Wedding/Event Coordinator

  • VENUE 221 requires the use of a wedding/event coordinator for the day of your event. This person will be responsible for overseeing all vendors, taking care of wedding/event details such as timelines and decorations, etc. This can be a “day of” coordinator or a full-service planner of your choice and must be present at the 30-day VENUE walkthrough.

Policies are subject to change without notice.

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