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The Great Giveback

VENUE 221 supports nonprofit organizations as we respect the value of fundraising and recognize the power of giving.  VENUE 221 is inviting you to apply for our annual venue use donation for your next event!  As we introduce our venue to the events community the owner’s philanthropic initiative of giving back is first and foremost present in the design of the VENUE 221 business plan.

About VENUE 221:

VENUE 221 is a boutique, first-class event venue in the heart of Cherry Creek North.  From the stunning design of the mid-century modern space to the superior personalized service each event receives, the venue is focused on the details, which leads to a superior guest experience!  We recognize that we are not big enough for some galas but ideal for the celebrations of your largest donors, an appreciation party for volunteers, a board meeting, training sessions and more!

To welcome all non-profits to apply and consider VENUE 221 their preferred events venue, we have attached a packet for your review.  We have a deadline to ensure that those selected will have adequate time to plan as well as those that aren’t selected for the next three quarters will remain in our system as a candidate for future dates without the need to re-apply.  All nonprofit organizations that submit will automatically receive 10% off our venue rental rate and also our in-house basic audio/visual package included at your event, complimentary.

We ask that you review the Request for Submission Packet and submit all of the requested information via email or mail for all items to be received by VENUE 221 by February 28, 2018.  We will announce the nonprofit organization winners for Quarter 4, 2018 and Quarter 1, 2019 on March 30, 2018.  We have ten amazing approved caterers to choose from to service your event and require that you use PEAK Beverage for any bar service.  Premium tables and chairs as well as in-house audio/visual, are included in the venue use.

The Great Giveback at VENUE 221

WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE:  Our goal is to donate one event venue use each quarter with an annual value exceeding $20,000 worth of venue rental to four deserving nonprofit organizations.  The primary objective is to provide a first class space that can draw new members appreciating the VIP treatment that VENUE 221 delivers, assisting the organization in meeting their own objectives and initiatives while giving them a central location to celebrate all they do in our community to help others.

HOW TO BE CHOSEN:  Submit an application (Request for Submission) on time and detail the key things your organization focuses on to serve our community as well as define where assistance is needed.  An advisory board at VENUE 221 will review all submissions.  This diverse group will be looking at organizations that could benefit to grow their organization by hosting an event at VENUE 221.  Some key focuses will be on the nonprofit organization’s main initiative, the influence they have in their designated specialized focus, as well as other key elements our donation can support.

Additionally, VENUE 221’s management company will assist the nonprofit by supporting them in raising public awareness through the VENUE 221 Giveback, the organization partnership and the event promotion, where applicable!  Following the event it is important for us to recognize the benefits we supported and to ensure they make a measurable difference.  We will look at exposures through digital communications VENUE 221 and the nonprofit jointly produced.


  • Your entry submission must be received no later than 5:00PM, Wednesday, February 28, 2018
  • Via mail: Blue Eyes Consulting, Attn:  “The Great Giveback at VENUE 221”

17652 E. Cloudberry Drive, Parker, CO 80134

  • Via email: Send to with “The Great Giveback” in the subject line
  • Submissions must be comprehensive of all requested information.

WINNING EVENT CRITERIA:  The winning philanthropic organization will be able to select any one date that is available in the quarter they were selected to use VENUE 221, upon availability.  The venue rental fee is waived for the winner for a one day use as well as all associated rental inclusions, such as but not limited to tables and chairs, in-house audio-visual, event manager and more.  Should your organization need assistance in planning the event we will be happy to accommodate any way we can.  All food, beverage, rentals and other enhancements like florals and such will be provided by the nonprofit organization, not VENUE 221, so you may customize the event to meet your needs.  We do ask that we receive your logo in digital format to display on our in-house flat screen TVs to assist branding the organization or to thread a custom logo you have for the event.


Wednesday, February 28             Submission due date (by 5:00 pm) for Quarter 4, 2018 & Quarter 1, 2019 VENUE uses
Wednesday, March 28                  Winners announced via social media and press release for Quarter 4, 2018 & Quarter 1, 2019 VENUE uses

Wednesday, July 25                      Submission due date (by 5:00 pm) for Quarter 2 & 3, 2019 VENUE uses
Wednesday, August 29                 Winners announced via social media and press release for Quarter 2 & 3, 2019 VENUE uses

QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT:  All questions related to this request for submission must be directed to
Amy Lugowski, VENUE Manager, 720.924.9302 or   Telephone inquiries are to be restricted to clarification of the Request for Submission; all other inquiries must be in email format and will be shared with all potential respondents, as appropriate.

SUBMISSION CONDITIONS AND PROVISIONS:  All entries must be submitted with the form provided and in accordance with all the terms, conditions, specifications, and stipulations contained herein.   Respondents shall read and understand all terms, conditions, specifications, and stipulations contained in the Request for Submission.

All entries must be signed by two planners/managers level of staff from the nonprofit organization.  The completed and signed entry form (together with all required attachments) must be returned on or before the due date and time specified for consideration.

All participating respondents, by their signature hereunder, shall agree to comply with all of the conditions, requirements and instructions of the Request for Submission as stated or implied herein.  Any alternation, erasure or interlineations by the respondent in this Request for Submission shall constitute cause for rejection.

All respondents are required to complete all the information requested in this Request for Submission.  Failure to do so may result in the disqualification of the submission for the current term.

All documents and information submitted to VENUE 221 for this giveaway will not be returned to the organization.


Great Giveback Recipients

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